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Things you need to be doing over the weekend

Don’t even ask me how I am.

This is my last weekend of the Christmas holidays, and I am not a happy bunny. I am disgusted at how quickly all those days off just flew on by.


Literally my face when I remember I have work tomorrow

white space

I’ve had such a wonderful Christmas. Now though, it’s time to prepare for the week ahead. There’s nothing I hate more than feeling like I haven’t had a productive enough weekend, but also it’s obviously a bummer when you don’t get a chance to have any time to yourself. Let’s be honest though, they always go too bloody fast.

I’ve put together a list of suggestions for you to do at the weekend to be prepared for the upcoming week- the list is both what I feel I should do on a weekend, but also what I need to do to feel rested and prepared for the next 5 days of work. So I hope it gives some inspiration!

I’ve learnt not to structure my weekend now – I just kind of make a list and make sure I get those things done when I feel like it. Planning to the last detail takes out the fun…


So, voilà – here’s my:

List of things you should do, and things you need to do on the weekend

You should: Clean


That means every room, including the dusting and hoovering. If you don’t do it at the weekend then you end up doing it the morning and evenings during the weeks, and that’s just not what you will want to do after work! Plus, if you do this on the Saturday it will make your Sunday a lot more enjoyable knowing you’re in a nice clean house!

You need to: Change bed sheets

grey bedrom

Note: not my bed. My bed is nicer and better made than this…

An obvious one. It makes it harder to get out of bed on the Monday, but your lay in on the Sunday is that much sweeter…

You should: Wash and prepare any clothes you need for the week ahead…including Gym clothes. 

Gym clothes

It’s no good getting to Wednesday and running out of clothes to wear because you didn’t wash them on the weekend. Now you have to fit the clothes wash around the gym, making dinner, walking the dog….(and do NOT let your lack of clean gym clothes be the reason you don’t go!)

You need to: Go for a walk


Take a couple of hours to get away from it all. Get out into the fresh air and away from screens. Just be alone for a while with your thoughts to de-stress and clear your head!

You should: Prepare food and snacks for Monday – Friday

chicken and veg

Spend an hour cooking and preparing some healthy food (including snacks) to take in for lunches at work. This has two benefits: you don’t spend MORE money on food, and your diet will be healthier. Win win!

You need to: Plan an exciting breakfast for Monday

smoothie bowl

Or at least, something that you will do on the Monday morning to motivate yourself to get out of bed. For me, it’s usually food…

You should: Cook a nice dinner

people who love to eat

Chances are you haven’t had that much time for the best dinners during the week. You should spend a little more time trying out a new recipe or making you/your partner’s/family’s favourite dinner.

You need to: Turn off your phone for a few hours of the day


Otherwise before you know it, you’ll have spent your entire Saturday morning in bed on your phone. Not about wasting time on Facebook and Twitter during your valuable weekend when you can do that shit at work during the week! (totally kidding…)

You should: See family and/or friends


If you’re like me, sometimes it’s not an option to see family every weekend as you’re too far away to readily get there. But you can still have friends over for dinner, or go for a couples evening at the cinema.

You need to: Treat yourself

gold taps

This doesn’t have to mean buying yourself something. It could mean having a lovely long bubble bath, or an some chocolate, or a day off from the gym. I usually buy or eat something, or both, but each to their own.

You should: Clean out your handbag


My handbag gets ridiculous during the week, to the point where if I’m out with a friend I genuinely get embarrassed to open my handbag too much in case they catch a peek at the array of recipes and breakfast bar wrappers inside.

You need to: dress up, or  dress down, depending on your usual job ‘requirements’!

girl drinking coffee

Her outfit is pretty much what I wear to work. I could never get my hair to do that nice swishy-messy-bun thing, though.

During the week I work in a very casual office environment, so I don’t need to do anything in regards to my appearance at all if I don’t want to. I usually roll out of bed 30 minutes before dashing out of the door and rock up, coffee in hand, with a little make up, a baggy jumper and my hair in a bun.

So during the weekend I like nothing more than getting a little more made up and wear nice outfits – even if we’re just going for a coffee . I used to work in customer facing roles – once as a hostess in a club (where we had to wear little black dresses and heels) and once at The Body Shop (where we had to have a full face of Body Shop make up on at all times), and I would love nothing more than to spend my entire day(s) off in tracksuit bottoms and no make up!

You should: Work out a planning/scheduling tool that works for your lifestyle

follow your dreams

Tell yourself what you’ll be doing in and out of work for the next working week. Firstly, you feel good when you get to the end of the week and look back at the list and check off what you’ve accomplished. Secondly, it breaks the week down a little. And thirdly, it helps a lot in regards to health and fitness. If you designate certain mornings or evenings to workouts or meal prep, you’re more prepared for your busier days in the week.

You need to: Find your inspiration for the week

problems and dreams

This can be in from a news article, a person, a movie, a story, a quote – anything. But find something, and remember it on those days where your coffee needs a coffee.


Now, it’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve been sat blogging and organising since I woke up.

Now I’m going to take my own advice and log off!

Ciao for now!