The Quote Collector: Favourite Quotes On My Phone Right Now

I don’t know about you, but I’m always on my phone taking screenshots of quotes, pictures and lovely messages from friends so that I can look over them on bad days. I’m a quote hoarder, but I can’t help it! I find them so motivating. On the train this morning I was scrolling through and deleting any old pictures, and it gave me the idea to share my favourite quotes with ya’ll…




Sometimes you get side tracked or temporarily lose your motivation. I always seem to lose motivation for one thing and gain it for another, but never two or three aspects of my life at once (or maybe I do but only for a day!). I’ve always written down my ideas and goals, and I find looking back on them and seeing how far I’ve come (or how much further I have to go) is a huge motivator for me. Just do it for you.



I love this! I think it’s just part of getting older, but the past couple of years have been amazing for me in terms of the relationships I have in my life. I want to be around people who inspire others, who are good leaders, who have a good moral compass, who make me laugh and who understand how my head works. By doing my own thing, I’ve not only attracted these people, but I now have the best friends I’ve ever had.

Why so serious?


I found this one so hilarious when I found it, because I’d just done a full body work-out and had collapsed on the floor, so was scrolling through my phone. It reminded me to not take myself so seriously, and that every time I do push myself, I’m growing stronger. I wont feel fantastic after every workout, or see results straight away, or be able to do certain exercises without building up my strength for months, or even years, beforehand. But I’m okay with that, I’m just enjoying the ride.



I almost didn’t share this as he’ll probably kill me, but loving him is a massive part of my life, so I can’t not! Nobody really knows how my head works like he does. I won’t go on and on, but I’m truly blessed. He made me believe that soul mates are a thing.



Basically, I love music. I love how music makes me feel. I love how music can cheer me up, make me cry, psyche me up to lift some heavy ass weights, or send me to sleep. I love the lyrics, I love the instruments, and most of the time I love the artists and their brilliant minds. I get a lot done because of music.

Fitness/Mood Swings


This is one of my favourites, just because it’s pretty much me.

Bouncing back


This reminds me that what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger. Anybody that tries to hurt me or break my spirit may seem to succeed at first. But I’ll go to the gym and work off the stress, (or go home and cry like a baby), then come back ten times stronger.



Stop changing for others. Stop apologising for being yourself. Stop waiting for validation from anyone else. Just do your thing.  Just rock it, and the right people will love and respect you for it.



Reading the above message from one of my closest friends truly made my day. Sometimes you need a push from the ones you love to really feel like you can take on the world. It takes truly special people to make you feel like that.

Inner beauty


I have many people that I think this way about and admire. Reading this inspires me to be that girl.



Sometimes you have to let go of the things you can’t change, because holding onto them only makes thingsmore difficult.

Self belief


You don’t require validation from anybody, be your own damn magical self. That’s all you need.



No reason. I just love this.



Okay, so it’s not a quote. But I saw this and 100% want to be wearing this on my honeymoon and probably continuously for the first 6 months of married life. Married AF!

Being productive is also about letting yourself rest


The difference between a busy person and a productive person, is that a busy person ‘won’t have time’ to schedule in a break, but a productive person will dedicate their time to important things. They’ll prioritise their workload, rather than try to do too many things and burn themselves out. They also know the importance of rest in regard to the impact it has at their performance, in or out of a workplace.

Learning, questioning, growing


Learning isn’t just about taking things as facts at face value. It’s about life experience, and it’s about questioning things.


My anxiety makes it very difficult for me to try new things. Thing’s that may seem easy to some, are things I might find incredibly scary. But I have come a long way, and this quote helps remind me that if I want to grow and learn, I need to be a beginner. It took me months to get enough courage to start sharing my writing online and write for an audience besides myself. And I’m so glad I did!


Do you have loads of pictures and quotes on your phone? Share them with me in the comments below, or tag me in them on instagram – I love hearing from you!

Happy Easter, ciao for now…