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zoeandlunasizeMeet Zoe and her gorgeous 1 year old girl, Luna.

With a (possibly unhealthy) Harry Potter obsession, and an interest in crochet, taxidermy, paper cutting and baking, plus finding the time for a social life AND still managing to find the time to apply make up on a daily basis, Zoe isn’t your everyday super mummy.

Now, with her first child Luna, she is eager to keep a record some of their adventures together, and the lessons she learns being a first time super mum.

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Where would you go in a time machine?

“If I had a time machine, I would go back to the very beginning. The beginning of everything. To either watch the most amazing fireworks display, or shake the hand of God.”

What’s your favourite word?

“My favourite word is magnificent. It reminds me of old brave kings with lion hearts. A word that I just don’t understand is extraordinary. By definition it should be amazing. But it’s just extra ordinary. So really normal. Or is it ordinary with a little extra. I think about this probably a lot more than I should…”

What cheers you up?

“Luna radiates happiness. It’s contagious. Even just being in her presence makes me happy. If I was ever in need of cheering up, I would just cuddle up to her and watch her sleep.”

If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“My favourite music genre is folk rock- Iron and Wine being my all time favourite.”

What is your morning/evening ritual?

“I’m woken up by Luna at 5am. We have a best nest, so now luna can move I usually get a little hand on my cheek. I then change her nappy, give her her milk. Then Jason gets up for work. So Luna comes into bed with me and we go back to sleep till about 7. We then go downstairs. Luna plays in jumperoo, whilst I put my make up on while reading her a boom. I have the Gruffalo down to memory. Luna then has breakfast. Today it was baby rice and mango, with a biscotti. Then clothes on and we are off out for the day…usually Tesco.
In the evening Luna has dinner at 4.00pm. Tonight she’s having tomato and lentil bake with red peppers. Then Apple and water melon for pudding. We then go up for our baths. Well I have a shower while Luna sits and plays in the bathroom. Then Luna has a relaxing lavender bath. We also practice her underwater swimming everyday, as per instruction of her tutor. Then I get into my snuggles clothes and Luna goes into a vest and grow bag. Only half a tog as its so hot. She also has a lavender baby massage. Then I give her a bottle, then read her a book. Our new favourites are “My love will always find you,” and “On the night you were born.” Then come 5pm, it’s off into bed with Ewan the dream sheep. Jason comes in kisses her goodnight, by then she is out for the count. Then Jason and I have the evening together.”

Who do you turn to for advice?

“I seek advice from anyone. Whether they have been in the situation or not. Perspective is a amazing thing and I find getting it from lots of different people makes the issue resolve quicker.”

You can invite 4 famous faces to dinner. Who do you pick?

“1) Walt Disney, I’d love to know his reaction to his brand today 2) Prince William, I wonder what kind of parent he is 3) Robert Downey Jr. He just seems awesome 4) JK Rowling. I’m a big HP fan.”

What’s your favourite dish to cook for friends?

“I love cooking a roast dinner. When I lived with the girls in Cheddar Cottage we would have Sunday club. Which would always finish with a roast cooked by me. Usually it would be for 11 people. Roast beef was everyone’s favourite.”

Who is your role model?

“I’ve never really had a role model. I admire different qualities in lots of different people.”

What’s your favourite quote?

“‘This’s too shall pass’. I have hit tattooed on my ribs. Not just to remind me that when I’m sad I won’t feel that way forever. But always to relish the happy moments because they won’t be there forever either.

What Ice Cream flavour would you be?

“Mr Whippy is my favourite ice cream. I never would eat the flake when I was younger. What was I thinking! Favourite bit now is the flake. I hate it when it’s windy and your hair gets all in it and sand gets involved. But still I love it.”

What does success mean to you?

“Success for me now has changed. Once I would judge success through money. But now I’m a Mum, luna is what makes me succeed. I want to be the best version of myself. My success in life will be determined by the kind of woman she becomes. Will she be kind, loving, loyal, honest. It’s a long time to wait but success never comes easy.”

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

“Indian is my all time favourite food. The spicer the better. We have a table in our local. They never let anyone else sit their as its always guaranteed one of family will be there over the weekend. Mega awkward if you have the table and Dad turns up!”


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