prittycitykitty-profileIf you’re dedicated to health and fitness, or you want to change your life for the better but need some inspiration, you’ll love wellness couch Jennifer Standing.

Jennifer is a young Canadian, passionate about all aspects of wellness: mind, body and soul. She dedicates her time to fitness and food and soul searching. She’ll be sharing her knowledge and opinions as well as lessons learned on her journey for wellness balance. Join her for the ride!

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Where would you go in a time machine? 

“This might sound silly, but if I could go anywhere in a time machine I would for sure go back and visit the dinosaurs. I love dinosaurs and I think they were amazing creatures… I would love to see them in action!”

What’s your favourite word? 

“I actually have a favorite pair of words: ‘I am’. This phrase leaves us so open to possibility. We can be anything, anything that we dream we can be, we can be. I would like to see people own this phrase more often and embrace who they are, and who they want to be.”


What cheers you up?

“My sister and I play a little game whenever we are feeling blue; we each name three things that we are grateful for in that moment. Talking about the positive things in life readjusts my focus, and always brings up my mood!”


If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

“I love, and I mean love, punk-pop, and I probably always will.”


What is your morning/evening ritual?

“The first thing I do every morning is wake up and let my puppy out, and take a moment to hug her and play with her. Then, the next important thing is coffee! Everything after that varies. What I can say about my mornings is that no matter what, I love taking my time in the mornings and eating my breakfast slow.”


Who do you turn to for advice? 

“I turn to different people for advice, depending on what I need advice for. Some of my friends are more creative, so when I can’t see my way out of something I turn to them. Others are more business savvy, so I will go to them for business advice. I have a couple of amazingly wonderful friends who don’t give me advice so much as support me unconditionally in everything I do. I think that’s really important too.”


You can invite 4 famous faces to dinner. Who do you pick? 


 I would love to have dinner with Eric Thomas, Will Smith, Les Brown, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The first three are so motivational for me. They are the ones who made me realize that anything truly is possible, if you believe you can do it and aren’t afraid of a little hard work. And who doesn’t love The Rock. I follow him on instagram, he’s funny and always upbeat. I think he would be the hit at the party!


What’s your favourite dish to cook for friends?


“I love cooking warm comfort foods for my friends; chili, stew, and soups.”


Who is your role model? 


“I once had someone tell me that I shouldn’t try to be like anyone else, and just focus on being the best version of myself. Since then I haven’t had any one person in particular I look up to; I want to be the best version of my unique self. However, all the people I surround myself with have components that I admire and look up to. Here’s to hoping I can channel those qualities!”


What’s your favourite quote? 

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”


What Ice Cream flavour would you be? 

“Chocolate Brownie, or anything else super chocolatey!”


What does success mean to you?

 “Success to me means: working out of coffee shops, having the freedom to spend quality time with my pup, helping others, and continually improving myself mind, body, and soul.



“If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose?”

“My mum is a phenomenal cook and makes an outstanding beef roast with mashed potatoes and yorkshire pudding. When I eat that roast dinner, I feel like I’m ‘home’. “



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