Reflection on 2015

kick self doubt

Kick self-doubt in the balls for 2016!

I find that sometimes I have my best ideas and feel my most motivated at silly-o-clock in the morning.

There’s that level of tiredness that just brings out a surge of emotion, desperation, and dreaming.

Last night I stayed awake for hours just thinking and dreaming about where I want to be in the next year or two, and what I’ve done in 2015 that set it apart from all the years before.

In 2014, one of my closest friends and I told ourselves that 2015 would be our best year yet, and it was. The only thing that let me down was my own self doubt!

So now I’m going to keep tackling my self-doubt, and keep pushing myself to try new things.


I’m gearing myself up for the New Year, and yes, I am one of those’New Year, New Me’ people! AND PROUD!

In 2015, I:

– moved away from my student town and in with my soul mate and best friend
– quit my job in retail and started working at a publishing company ( i.e. the first step of a career?)
– started and finished my own 80 day fitness plan, and learnt a lot about health and well-being in the process
– learnt that my anxiety isn’t something to be ashamed about, and that I’m not alone
– faced a fear and set up my own online blog…hi!
– made two new best friends

What are your favourite bits of 2015? Would you change anything? What are you planning to do about it in 2016?

Let me know and inspire me. Leave me a comment!