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QOTD: What’s your ideal winter lazy day?

Hello, y’all heart

I have so many blog ideas in my head, and was 100% ready to go with writing an AMAZING one today.

But I actually can’t keep my eyes open. I woke up at a good time, had me some delicious protein pancakes, opened my laptop…and nada. I even had a coffee and I still can’t concentrate.

As well as work getting busier and busier, I feel like I haven’t really had a lot of R&R this weekend.

I’ve cleaned, gone to the gym, had a friend come over for a cuppa, done a load of washing ready for the next week, done a lot of food prep…and now I’ve sat down to do something I want to do and I feel to tired to do it.

As he walked out the door for work this morning at 4.30am, Si asked me ‘So, what’re your plans today?’

‘I’m just going to do whatever I want, all day.’ I replied.

So instead of sitting here and forcing myself to write a post I’m too tired to write, I thought I’d share some of my ideal and my very real winter lazy day habits…


I would be hugging a dog most of the day 


In big woolly socks, with the TV or music on and have a little fluff-ball follow me around and keep me company all day. I want a dog so badly!

Pancakes for breakfast, probably made for me and brought to me in bed


‘Don’t forget to take buster for a walk. Cheers babe.’

Be able to read my book without feeling like I’m not using my time productively

no make up pjs

Whenever I read a book these days I feel bad for not doing something more productive, like going to the gym, cleaning the house or seeing friends. I miss the days were I could get seriously absorbed in a book for hours, and forget what day it was.

If Si is off work, then playing computer games together 


That’s always fun. Lots of snacks, blankets and laughing.

Two words: blanket forts


Especially if it’s super cold and rainy outside. Oh don’t roll your eyes, you secretly want this too!



I love working out with Si. We really push each other to go further. I also love that it’s just us, and it let’s us escape it all for a while.

Warm baths & pamper sessions


Definitely love a good hot bath to relax the mind and muscles!

Take away/treat meal


Pizza is literally the highlight of my week

Taking a nap


Nothing feels quite as good as dozing on the sofa, despite your mothers voice in the back of your head saying ‘if you nap now you won’t be able to sleep tonight!’

Not going to the gym


sometimes, like today, ‘it’s a no from me.’

Having the time to cook something delicious for friends or family


I realise this is now my 3rd point about food…

Binge watching TV shows


PLL, OITNB, Jessica Jones, Gossip Girl…best kinda marathon

Guilt-free procrastination


Aimlessly roaming the internet for longer than I probably should


So, that’s me for the rest of the day!

What are your favourite winter lazy day treats?