This is probably going to be the biggest genre on my site. There’s a reason I’m a I lifestyle blogger. It’s not because I specifically chose to. I don’t want to be preachy, or tell people how they should be decorating their homes, or practicing yoga and making superb dinners every night, and any other favorite ‘lifestyle’ blogger topics.  Nono. It’s because I could simply never be satisfied with writing and learning about one subject —  I’d feel to restricted,when there’s so many things I daydream about and question.

I’ve noticed a lot of magazines and blogs aimed at women do not really write about many other subjects other than fashion, make up and sex.. And as much as I love getting stuck into a good Vogue or Marie Claire magazine, I do also want to take more of an avid interest in culture and learn around the world around me.

So I whilst there will be a lot of my daily thoughts, ideas, goals, rants and general ‘life’ stuff,  I also wanted a big part of this blog to be about sharing positive and inspiring stories and quotes, and facts that encourage us to not only be self love advocates,  but world love advocates!

I hope you enjoy the posts!


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