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Happy New Year! What are your goals for 2016?


Happy New Year everybody!


A lot of people this time of year turn into real Scrooges about making New Years resolutions!

Granted, there are some ‘new year, new me’ posts that are sometimes over the top. And no, you shouldn’t wait for it to be a New Year in order to change yourself for the better or quit a bad habit – we all know we have the power to do that any time.

But what better reason to reflect on your accomplishments and focus on your future goals than on the eve of a New Year? Think of it as de-cluttering your home of all the negative or unnecessary items, that you ‘didn’t have time’ to confront or organise when you wanted to in 2015, and slowly but surely replace these with hard earned, meaningful moments.

This is a new year – it’s full of new possibilities and challenges. It could be the best year of your life so far.

My New Years Resolutions for 2016.

1) Stay creative – which includes reading and writing for myself more


Since starting this blog, a lot of the reading or writing I do is for other people. Which is fine, but sometimes I just need to do it for me. I had a phase just after setting this site up, where I felt so pressured to write for others that I completely lost all of my courage, inspiration and motivation and stopped writing altogether. It was only when I found the time to start reading and writing for myself again that I felt I could come back and contribute something!

2) Be able to run 10k

keep running

Just want to get one thing straight – I hate running, always have. Recently though, I have gotten into it a little more because of the possibility of running 10k with a friend in May ’16. Whether or not I do this exact run, I want to be able to run 10k in 2016. I have felt rubbish and ill for the last two weeks with a nasty cough, so I haven’t been running for what feels like forever. Now it’s just getting back into the swing of it and picking up where I left off, and doing something I never thought I would have the desire or motivation to.

3) Save money, and shop for quality not quantity!

life is too short

I’m tired of having lots of cheap clothes, but only ever really wearing 4 or 5 tops or having 1 or 2 favorite pairs of jeans. For 2016, I’m going try and be a savvy shopper – shop less, buy less, but get quality items.

4) Make sure to de-clutter every few months (giving unwanted items to charity…obviously!)


To keep myself, my home and my mind feeling fresh and organised!

5)Go on our first holiday as a couple!

power couple 2k15

There’s a lot we have done together, and the road hasn’t been easy. We are just starting to get settled now and we are in the best place we have been yet – so I can’t wait for us to go away together for the first time in 2016, after all the 2am talks of places we will visit and adventures we’ll have.

6) Do some charity work


I am going to be researching charities in my area and do some local charity & volunteer work.

7) Learn yoga

be good toyourself

This is a pretty stereotypical ‘New Year, New Me’ quote, isn’t it? But I think yoga goes hand in hand with mindfulness and well-being, plus it will be a great way to stretch those sore muscles after a run or gym session. So yes, I am being serious!

8) Sleep earlier, wake earlier


Exercise means a better night sleep anyway, but I want to get into the habit of sleeping earlier and rising earlier – which is hard in the winter when it’s all grey and dark outside in the mornings, but should get easier…right?

9) Eat less meat & dairy

mostly plants

Not only for my health, but for the planet!

10) Push my limits and work towards creating a healthy mind & body

new years resolution

I want to shape my body into one that I’m proud of, and learn and discover new things every day.

11) Compliment people more

pretty smart

Whenever I get a random compliment it makes my day, so I want to start throwing compliments around like confetti – sprinkle that shit everywhere!

12) Stop putting things off…the time is now!


I’ve recently started to learn that there’s no time like the present. If I could, I’d usually put things off until I really needed to do it. I mean, I’m not awful or a slob or anything, but I can make excuses I usually will. Most of the time, it’s because I love the idea of something, but then when it came to doing it I would get scared. Time to get brave!

13) Be kind to myself

kind heart

Self love is the only thing that will take me to the stars and give me the motivation to follow achieve my goals!


Phew – seems like a lot! What are your resolutions? Be sure to drop me a comment below!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Years evening. Si and I are spending it in our new flat for the first time.

Most of all though, have a fantastic 2016!


(Cringey quote alert! Couldn’t resist!)