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My stressbusting tactics!

Everything gets a little overwhelming at times. Some lucky people can do a lot more than others and manage not to feel much, if any, anxiety or stress at all. Other people, like me, feel anxious and stressed over not very much at all!

For that reason, it is good to have some stress or anxiety ‘home remedies’ readily available, especially if you’re like me and the slightest thing could set you off!



It helps you sleep better. It improves your mood (maybe not at the time..?) and improves your self esteem. I felt so much better about myself when I was exercising almost every day, and now I have moved house I plan on attempting to go jogging on a regular basis to help clear my head… (we’ll see!)


I saw a quote once that said ‘When you don’t have time to sit and meditate, that’s when you should be meditating.’

Or something like that. Anyway, the point is, even if you feel like you don’t have time, make time. It will make the world of difference. By sitting quietly and focusing on awareness and self, studies have shown that mediation is more powerful in helping with stress and anxiety than many other general ‘stress management’ techqniques.

Limit your social media.

I got into an argument with my work colleagues over this at the pub recently; How much of an impact does social media really have on our stress and anxiety levels? I think it’s more than people realise. Since moving, I haven’t had access to internet, or any signal on my phone. And it’s actually helped me to relax SO MUCH. I come home in the evenings and I don’t sit on my phone for an hour before bed, or feel the need to post anything on facebook or instagram. I get home, I talk to my boyfriend. I know right, crazy. Maybe watch a film, do some writing. Have a bath. It’s so nice! Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t go all day every day without it – I use it at work on my breaks, or travelling to and from. But limit yourself in the evening, and don’t use it before bed!

Avoid people who bother you.

This one has had a massive impact on me. Moving away from toxic people who are negative or stressful made managing my own happiness and stress-levels that much easier. For a while now I’ve been giving less people my full attention, and spending more time and energy on a loyal and loving few.  Don’t waste time with people who don’t believe in your capabilities or put you down. They’re a drain on your spirit!

Learn to say no.

If you’re anything like me, you hate confrontation. This probably makes you a bit of a pushover at work or in your social circle. Learn to say no. Not everything is your responsibilty, and you wont be considered any less capable or less of a friend for saying ‘No, I can’t fit that in my workload today’, or turning down something you really don’t want to do. Being charitable is great, but don’t let it get to the extent where you become foolish!

Organise your time better.

The reward of increased efficiency will be extra time = less stress!

Make a den.

Whenever I get all emotional and crap, my boyfriend just knows how to handle it. When it’s really bad, he almost always makes me a duvet den. There I am getting all stressed and weepy, and he just takes my hand and leads me to bed. He usually wraps me up in a duvet, like a big ol’ burrito, and then makes the den around me. It helps so much to just block out the world for a while. Sometimes he joins me and it helps, and other times he leaves me to myself for a while. I would highly recommend den-making. When you stress yourself out to the point of tears, stop what you’re doing and go and make a den. Hanger? Go make a sandwich, take it to your den. Bad break up? Build a den. Stressed at work? You guessed it, den (not at work though please, may make the situation a tad worse.)

Enjoy a treat meal

My diet kinda varies between vegetarian supermodel yoga enthusiast, and hungry unsupervised child in sweet shop. When I’m feeling down and stressed, I used to always turn to comfort foods. Recently I’ve been a little better and try to limit my treats to once or twice a week, and try to exercise to relieve some stress instead. But occassionally I’ll get home from work and be like NOPE NOT TODAY and get some Ben and Jerries. I may get the ‘tsk tsk’ look from the boyf, but sod everyone else. Eat it. Enjoy it. You can go back to yoga tomorrow…