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How to: Wedding make up with Gina

I’d like to introduce a friend and fellow blogger, Georgina Addison, MUA. We first met when we started working together a few years ago, and despite our time together was short but sweet, we have been back in touch recently and decided to link our two blogs. Although her passion lies with prosthetic make up and special effects, Gina is an amazing MUA, creating flawless and creative looks for herself and her clients. Be sure to take a look at Gina’s page for some handy tips and tricks, or follow her on snapchat at Lancomeuk!

In the meantime, we thought we would treat you to a little snippet of a wedding day through the eyes of a MUA…



So here she is, the beautiful bride. This is a very natural but flawless look! When running through the trial, we discussed ideas and both agreed that the boho chic look had to fit in somewhere, and where? Of course it had to be the makeup and hair!

First things first, we made sure the bride had a full pamper the night before. I’d highly recommend this – whether that’s getting someone to do you a manicure, pedicure, exfoliate the skin, or a night time mask. Of course don’t forget an early night and a good sleep!


First we splashed the face with cold water to wake the skin up and close any pores. I then prepped the skin with a good moisturiser to add hydration, before dabbing on some eye serum to help with any puffiness or dark circles.

PRIMER: With this look it is essential you have a primer! I tend to use a base primer by Lancome (or professional by Benefit) purely because they contain silicone which acts as a polyfilla, so it helps with filling in any fine lines and smoothing out any large pores. It also helps keep your foundation on for longer and acts as a barrier between your moisturiser and your foundation from seeping in to the skin. It’s a must!


FOUNDATION: For me, this is the best part! I used HD Micro Airbrush foundation on air from (Kryolan). Its’ professional use has been developed for digital TV technology, so is used for film and TV. It  is flawless, streak-free and it uniformly distributes on to the surface of the skin. The foundation is sprayed on with an airbrush gun. The product dries immediately, and will not smudge or rub off afterwards.


EYE MAKEUP: Its important when doing an eye makeup for a wedding that everything is waterproof! I like to make the eyes look as big as possible. I added my eye base primer, then I like to use a yellow/white eye powder in the inner tear-ducks to give that wide eye look, followed by a matt brown shadow for the crease line contouring in to the crease and to give the illusion of a smokey natural eye. I then like to mix a few colours from gold to bronze tones in the centre to make the eye colour pop! When doing eyeliner I follow the natural shape of the lid so that I get a droopy  cartoon effect and then I add my feline flick in the inner corner and wing the liner out for the outer corners. I added a coat of mascara to the top and bottom lashes concentrating on separating as much as possible, then applied some wispy thin natural lashes and go in again with the mascara to mould them into the false lashes so that your left with a full lash!


EYEBROWS: I never lose sight of the ABC rule. This is where you measure the brow and draw in your points as to where the brow should naturally be. When it comes to brows you have to clean them  up first, whether that’s waxing or threading.  I prefer to do myself so that I have a good shape to work with. I tend to use a wax and powder so that I have that staying power from the wax and add the powder to fill in any sparse hairs!

**TIP: add a fine line of yellow based concealer with a flat brush under the brow as this will clean up any unwanted hairs and make your work look a lot cleaner!!**


BRONZER/Blusher/Highlighter: A little sculpting and following the hollows of the cheeks and jawline with a bronzer will help give the face definition and structure. I used a soft apricot blusher mixed in with a little rose sable blusher, and added to the apples of the cheeks and high points. I tend not to use a highlighter as when having photos it tends to bounce back from the camera, great if you want to take a selfie! But if you do use it, then just add a little.


LIPS: Of course we have to start by using a lip-liner. I used barely bold by (MAC) just to contour and reshape the lips and give the lips maximum hold. Then I like to add a soft pink gloss to the lips keeping it very natural, and great to keep in the handbag to touch up throughout the evening!



the bride



A few curls, boho loose plaits and a flower wreathe to finish it off. Love this look, very soft and elegant, yet simple!







Message from Chelsea How:

I am so so SO grateful that Georgina was able to do my make up for my wedding day. I’d had trials with 2 other company’s and found them lacking in personality and, in one case, skill! Georgina transformed me into a princess and I’m a mother of two young children so that’s not easy to do. Even when I developed a skin condition and freaked out a week before the wedding Georgina kept me calm and covered it beautifully. My make up was so gorgeous even my mum (who hates people doing her make up), sister and now sister in law all had theirs done too. Everyone looked stunning and the confidence really shows in all the pictures from the day. Thank you! Lots of love. X X X