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Coconut oil – the ultimate health and beauty essential

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said I wish that I could just pour coconut oil over my entire life.


I’ve been meaning to do a post about coconut oil for a while now – I’ve been finding more and more uses for it and love getting the chance to rave about it!

I’ve always used it on my hair and body, but only occassionally. It’s only recently I’ve using it for practically EVERYTHING. I use it religiously to moisturise my face, eyelashes and lips – even over my make up as a cheek bone highlighter. Then there’s putting it in my cooking and all the health benefits it possesses!

After doing a bit of research I’ve found literally hundreds of other uses, but I’ve narrowed it down to my favourite few and the ones that I use!



Use it in place of butter or oils when you cook, and also to grease any pans!

Put a spoonful in a fruit smoothie to give it a nutritional boost and improve the consistency.

Spoonful in your coffee, to replace sugar! (I am yet to do this, but this is one I seriously need to do!)

Have a spoonful to help reduce sugar cravings (and consequently lose weight! Sarah Wilson discusses this in her book & blog ‘I Quit Sugar’)

Mix with loads of different healthy ‘desserts’ to add extra sweetness and a dose of extra energy!


 Can be used as an intense moisturise mask for your hair. This works so well in summer when it’s super dry. The combination of coconut smelling hair along with shimmery, coconut scented tanned skin has to be one of the best summer feelings ever!

Works as a great natural moisturiser your skin. I use a small amount to moisturise around my eyes every night. I think it really helps my eyelashes too. But it definitely reduces the puffyness I get from tired eyes the next morning, and my face is the softest and clearest it’s ever been!

Natural face wash and make up remover

Reduces razor burn after shaving. I always moisturise after shaving, and coconut oil is one of my all time favourite go-to’s

Mix with baking soda for a great face exfoliator (I’m 100% trying this today)

Add salt to create a harsher exfoliator, which is great for your feet!

Nail strength and cuticles

Prevent and get rid of stretch marks. I’m not sure how accurate the research is on coconut oil actually ‘getting rid of’ stretch marks, but I could see how it would help to prevent and reduce them

Mix with brown sugar for a great lip exfoliator. I love this one. You can also add some honey but I never do!

Cleans your make up brushes

Gets rid of cellulite

Can be used as primer before applying make up, or mixed with your foundation. I’ve never deliberately used coconut oil as a primer but I often moisturise before applying my foundation and it definitely helps with the application and gives a healthy ‘dewy’ finish

Cheek bone highlighter. Another favourite of mine. It creates such a natural shimmer!

Removes your make up. I can’t wait to test this!

Can be used as a main ingredient for home made natural face masks

Helps clean your skin and reduce/clear achne. Mix 1 tspn with 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and apply before bed. Apparently this is a great overnight face mask!

Home remedies and health

Helps clean the body during a detox

Energy boost before a workout. Apparently mixing with Chia seeds and having a spoonful when you’re feeling really sluggish is supposed to be an amazing natural energy booster. I’m giving this a go next time I’m feeling the pressure at work!

Helps control your blood sugar

Boosts calcium and magnesium absorption

Helps ease symptoms of skin conditions, such as eczema

Sunburn relief. You should always use a good after sun or moisturiser after being exposed to the sun anyway, but coconut oil is great for those painful sun burns!

Make your own toothpaste. I’m so intrigued by this but a little apprehensive about trying it. Maybe I’ll make some and write a blog post on how effective it is

Immune system boost. Never a bad thing, especially in the winter!

Massage oil (another fave of mine!)

As I said, these are just a few of my favourites and the ones that I already do!

What do you use coconut oil for? Have you got any more suggestions for us? Drop me a comment!