Body & Well-being

Here are some popular opinions you’ll see me writing about in regards to body, well-being and health…


– diets are a load of crap and ‘true well-being is about being free from restrictions and regimes’ (Sarah Wilson – if you don’t know who she is, look her up and get her book ‘I Quit Sugar’. It’s amazing, and such an eye opener!)

– try a new way of living if you want to see any changes…’nothing good ever came from comfort zones.’ (I am not trying to be preachy with this, I’m still learning how to do this myself!)

-be your own role model! (It’s great to have people to aspire to, but just work on being the best version of good ol’ you.)

-you’re only human, so if you want to cry into your ice cream sometimes, just do it. No biggie. I hate all these sites and social media posts of people being so fecking chipper and happy ALL THE TIME. It’s not realistic, and I don’t know about you but it makes me feel guilty for having an off day. Like we need to feel worse on those days?!)



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