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Fashion report: key fashion trends for AW16

Hey ya’ll!

I had a massive wardrobe haul yesterday and filled up a big sack full of clothes to take to the local charity shop. A clean out on this scale is a rare occurrence for me, I’m a bit of a clothes hoarder. Isn’t the golden rule that if you haven’t worn it in 6 months throw it away? Oops. It was getting to the stage where I couldn’t open my wardrobe without an avalanche of clothes crushing me, so I couldn’t leave it any longer. Besides, as we are nearing the end of summer (urgh) it’ll make way for a couple of new autumnal pieces…

I have such a bitter sweet relationship with this time of year. I hate saying goodbye to summer, but who doesn’t love the Autumn? That quick shift and suddenly new shades are flooding the shop windows – rich, earthy hues draping from mannequins and deep, plum coloured accessories balancing precariously on display shelves. But the question is, which trends are worth investing in for ’16?

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Metals & shine

Metal detail and shiny material, including sequins and brocades, will be key elements of the AW16 wardrobe. If sequins aren’t your thing, go for wet look leggings or a dark shiny mac overcoat. Could be your purse, could be your shoes, could be your outfit from top-to-bottom, but as long as you’re shining, you’re doing something right!





In summer we revisited the 70s with tan and tassels galore. Now we are fast forwarding a decade and focusing on the 80s – velvet is the fabric of the season, a great winter comfort and paired with bold prints, you can’t go wrong. Velvet on the runway came moody bohemian hues and with inky black, floor length sophistication.


Off the shoulder styles were also popular…(not just in velvet, but across the range, especially featuring ruffles!)

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If these colours are a little dark for you, don’t fret – pink velvet was all over the runways!


Statement chokers

90’s era chokers have been in vogue all summer long thanks to festivals such as Coachella. Unfortunately though these measly excuses for chokers just wont cut it for AW16. Covering your neck is a key style feature – whether you choose scarves, turtlenecks, or a chunky choker, make sure something is around your neck to add a little ‘oomph’ to your outfit this winter.


Oversized coats

And when I say oversized, I mean the bigger the better. Loud, immense bombers, sleek and sophisticated Macs and sporty puffer coats will be this seasons must haves. Statement furs (not that I would ever advocate anything but faux) were also prominent as both ground-trailing outerwear or trims to accessories. Now’s the time to break out the XXL hoodie (YESSS) !




Also, have you noticed the recurrance of the sweetheart neckline? Such an elegant trend for AW and gives you a multitude of styling options – layer it, wear it bear or take the opportunity to break out all the statement accessories.

Suit up

A favourite with Calvin Klein and Sies Marjan. Pinstripes in particular were a regular occurrence on the runway, but equally as frequent were caramel/camel tones or pinks paired with yellows (a colour trend not just limited to suits).  A style anyone can wear, the suits were more casual than the pinstripes you may be used to – baggier and slouchier with a laid back vibe. Basically, Autumn is just about oversized and comfortable everything, even when it comes to the office. Think ‘power suit goes bohemian.’




Women of the runway were pulling off the superhero go-to with style; designers such as Alexander McQueen have presented us with an answer to our winter woes: long, ethereal evening capes – the perfect choice for those winter days where you’re not sure whether you’ll be too cold in a jumper but too hot in a coat. I’ve never seen an Alexander McQueen I didn’t like….I SO LOVE this trend.


A galaxy on an outfit… AHH <3 <3



Okay, sorry, daydreaming over…back to it!

This Trussardi cape is another favourite of mine, and I think the overall style will be popular in Autumn particularly. It’s tones aswell as checkered/tweed materials will both hugely in vogue, so a cape that embodies both is bound to draw attention.


In the Navy

Military and navy inspired outerwear calf and ankle-length coats will be making a splash this Autumn/Winter.Just be sure to wear some heels if you’re on the shorter side, so that the length of these statement coats doesn’t swallow your frame. If you’re really paranoid about the clash with your height, don’t forget those trusty bomber jackets. Get one in army green to stay on trend.