‘To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance’

~ Oscar Wilde

Self-love. A trait a lot of people confuse with vanity, or see as being just a little egocentric.

Growing up, I often thought that any person who claimed to ‘love’ themselves were either 1. lying, or 2. a twat. Or both.

Self-love has been everywhere recently. Looking back, when I felt my lowest was when my body was most sick, and my anxiety was at it’s worst. But since learning about the importance of self-love in well-being, I’ve been drenching myself in self-love and my mental and physical health have both benefited hugely.

It’s time to stop this taboo around self-love. We need to embrace it, and use it to learn how to be the best versions of ourselves.

I created SLA to share my everyday thoughts, ideas and inspirations in life, and to write about lifestyle topics that interest me. But mainly, to discover and build a community of powerful women who are not  afraid to let the world know they love themselves, and to encourage and empower others to feel the same.

Empowered women empower each other…


What you can expect to see on SLA:

wellbeingselfloveadvocateinspirational quotes, positive stories and fitness related blogging

healthselfloveincluding nutrition and mental health

fashionCurrent trends that I can never seem to keep up with,  as well as raising awareness on where your clothes come from…

Culture-self-love-advocateand lifestyle, along with global reports covering many a topic!

cookeryselfloveRecipes or creations of my own, nutrition and other bits and bobs!

anxiety-self-love-advocateWhat it’s like to suffer with anxiety, along with any ideas or tips I  may experience or discover that help reduce SAD…


I’ll leave you to have a look around.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing one!




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