Get creative!


I love love love this quote! heart

I have such a huge fear of rejection and looking stupid to other people, and it really stops me from saying or doing the things I really feel I want to do.

This blog was my first attempt at making some of my creativity a little more public. I have always enjoyed art and writing, but always in private. I have a lot of dreams, thoughts and ideas floating around in this head, and I want to share them without being scared.

For a while the only ideas I got for this blog were ones that I thought other people wanted to hear. Because of that I lost a lot of my inspiration and found writing a blog a lot harder than I expected it. I know now that this was completely the wrong way to go about it.

Maybe I’ll actually make the above a New Years Resolution! I think it’s so important for a creative mind to feel free of restraints and conformity. So that’s what I’ll work on through 2016.

Another year of working on well-being and bringing back my creativity