Entertainment with Zazuu

Entertainment with Zazuu

Ahoy there, and welcome to what will hopefully be a journey into the land of musical pleasure and tingling ears. For those unaware I have a few ventures in the world of the interweb, from my music covers on YouTube, to my various and random Tumblr. Known as either Cosmiczazuu or Cosmicrocks on most other platforms I have dabbled a fair bit in this social media/blogging world. But when offered the chance to be a part of a website for the average woman I wholeheartedly said YES PLEASE.

I love music with a passion. I love everything about it. Expression, experience and emotion. Music is one big encompassing envelope of enjoyment (and that’s a lot of ‘e’ words). For me it has never ending boundaries which are being pushed in both positive and negative ways. And that is why I am here.

In this section of this wonderful site, I want to fish through all those brave faces in the glass box of the music industry, or those scratching the surface from the outside, and pick out the ones to watch and the ones to toss. The ones that need to be nurtured to success, and the ones who’s encores have worn a little thin.

In this I wish to include my gig experiences, both past and future, and my album EP and single reviews from every corner of the musical globe. My aim is to be as inclusive of all genres as possible, as my music taste itself ranges from the rock classics to electro indie to jazz and all the way back to Taylor Swift and ‘pop’ jams. So even if the first thing you read isn’t something that floats your fancy, shimmy on down and you might find something that soothes your ears.

Occasionally I might throw something in about the culture of Youtube, another thing I myself have dabbled in and I spend a significant time browsing through the various rising talents on there. It is a platform that to me is producing a hella lot more role models for young people than any other so its worth a mention here and there I believe; so watch this space!

I’m very open to suggestions and comments on anything you would like to hear about from the entertainment industry in general as I love delving into almost anything within it to fish out some interesting info and people/things to look out for! All in all stay with me and ride the tide with me on this magical mystery tour of Millie’s Milestones! heart emoticon

Peace and love,
Zazuu xx