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13 things I’ve learned so far about what it means to be 20-something

Hey ya’ll,

Since it was my birthday at the start of the month, it had me thinking about a few of the things that myself and my fellow 20-something year olds have learned and experienced so far. It’s a hard life being 20-something, eh?!



It looked so much easier in the movies

When I was younger, It seemed to me that all 20-something-year-olds had their lives…pretty much together. In the films I watched, girls woke up with their make up done, hair already styled and what seemed like an unlimited Starbucks fund. Of course, there was always the drama with the friends, the boyfriends or the jobs. But you know what they did when life gave them lemons? They had huge shopping sprees, or ate entire tubs of Ben and Jerry’s at a time. There are two lies right there. Firstly, it suggests that the average 20-something year old could afford to go shopping every time they felt stressed about something, and secondly, that they had the metabolism to eat a tub of Ben and Jerries every damn time they felt emotional. LIARS. Talk about setting the bar high, sheesh.

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On a ‘night out’ we’re yawning by 11pm 

We seem to either go to one extreme or the other – either we decide we want to try to drink as much as we used to and end up comatosed, covered in kebab OR we decide to call it a night by 11pm and crawl back to our beds, punching the air with the satisfaction of knowing we won’t be hungover the next day

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We’ve stopped putting energy into toxic relationships

Until pretty recently, I always felt such a need to fit in and please people. I would always be easily offended and would HATE finding out that someone didn’t like me or had said something nasty behind my back. It didn’t take me long to realise how much better I felt by spending less time and energy on bad eggs…and I haven’t looked back. I think a big part of being a 20-something year old for me has been realising who my friends are and which qualities I should look for and admire in people.

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So…metabolism….that was good while it lasted


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There are no social plans better than cancelled social plans


We agree to some social event when we’re in a good mood, then when the day comes around we pray for the text…’can we reschedule?’

Bills bills bills

Yeah, this is the worst. Setting out on our own straight from uni is really hard – we’ll most likely still be in a job we don’t enjoy and wondering what the hell we want to do with our lives, whilst watching our friends post pictures of their new house, baby, dog or fancy new car all over social media. But let’s not worry about making money straight away. We have to build foundations, experience and credibility so that we can apply them to whatever we decide we want to do later. No biggie… *eats entire tub of Nutella mixed with tears*

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Netflix and chill

It might mean something totally different to all you young’uns out there, but to us 20-something year olds, there’s nothing we enjoy more than genuinely watching Netflix and chilling.  There just aren’t enough rap songs about staying in on a Friday night and saving money…

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We’ve started to hate more and more people

We’re a lot more opinionated, a lot more impatient and a lot more pissed off. Especially those of us who work in customer service.

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Forts are still a thing

This kinda links to the first point. Unfortunately, since most of us aren’t millionaires or fortunate enough to land on our feet straight into our dream job, we have to find other ways to cope with the stresses of life. Ones that don’t involve shopping or going out drinking. That’s where forts come in.

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Disney songs = the fast track route to nostalgia-ville

Most of us used to watch Disney movies. And, in most cases, fast forward over the songs because they were the ‘boring’ parts. Well, this isn’t the case any more. The total opposite, in fact. We go out of our way to listen to Disney songs. We are probably subscribed to Disney playlists on YouTube, and almost certainly have a secret Disney playlist on Spotify. We know most of the words to all Disney songs, and turn them up whilst singing at the top of our lungs and holding back tears of nostalgia. And whilst you can’t beat the old school Disney films, we’re still just as passionate about the recent films…

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We struggle to come to terms with the fact we can’t drink like we used to

I don’t know how we did it, or why we did it. But trust me on this – don’t try to relive freshers. The majority of us end up with our heads down the toilet by 12am, and the next day we cry like babies as we find a ton of drink receipts we don’t remember getting (worst feeling ever) and of course…

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2 day hangovers are a thing

Yup. Say goodbye to the ‘bah, a MCD’s breakfast will sort me out’ mentality. We’re in for a rough 48 hours, my friend.

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Life as a 20-something year old is a lot to take in, a lot to learn, and most of the time is pretty scary

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Challenging ourselves and breaking out of our comfort zone is a scary thing. We risk looking like idiots almost every day…but if we don’t risk it, we don’t grow!


Voila, hope you liked it!

As you’ve probably seen, it’s been a while since I posted on SLA but the girls have been busy with their blogs – make sure to check in on Zoe and Zazuu to see their latest posts.

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